I recently graduated law school. YAY! Why do I say that first? Well, because it took a long time, was tons of work, and it feels good to say.  My dream is to own a small brick and mortar shop caring all my favorite small brands, and to use my law degree to help small businesses navigate the legal stuff that gets in the way.

Some of my earliest memories are sneaking down to my grandparent’s basement to watch my grandfather work at his clothing shop. I always looked forward to grabbing the little pieces of fabric to put inside the button making machine. I loved how I could make a unique button by placing a scrap of fabric and some metal pieces together and pulling a lever. I would dream about designing my own clothes and owning something unique. Turns out that’s not my gift.

When I had my daughter, Riley, I started learning about so many darling small shops. I followed a couple on Instagram, and I was hooked. What drew me in was the amount of care that the makers put into the items my little girl is going to wear. It reminded me of making my grandfather’s buttons. Every single one made with love. So now, FINALLY, I can own handmade unique clothing just like I once wished I could create.

I hope this blog helps you find not only your new favorite brands, but also a likeminded community!